Saving for Disneyland


We are planning to go to Disneyland in 2019 and like most families – that will require some serious saving on our part. I am a visual person so I created a savings chart to keep in my planner to track our progress.


I’m not sure we will truly need $3,000 but I went with a higher number to be safe. We are still doing our research for the best deals on hotels, tickets, meals, etc. (Feel free to share any of your Disney planning/saving tips in the comment section!)

I also made a couple of downloadable charts if you are in the midst of planning a Disney trip too!  Most savings charts I have found online are based on *weekly* savings however; my husband and I are paid *bi-weekly* so I figured there are probably other people in the same boat. Both of the charts below are PDF files and based on a bi-weekly pay cycle. As you save each payday, just shade in the corresponding Mickey to track your progress. Have fun! 🙂


Disneyland Savings 2,000


Disneyland savings 4000



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