Cameron’s Corner – 8/2018

Mod Forest Burns Down

– Written by: Cameron, August 2018.  Inspired by: Minecraft.

I woke up with my orange covers wrapped around me and the sun made them hotter and tighter then they were already there and when I woke up in my room with my orange bed my dog Lucy was still sleeping curled up in a tiny ball. As I got out of bed and walked inside the garage my other dog’s Nitro and Jinjer were not asleep. As soon as I walked inside they startled me by jumping like crazy all over me. “Down!” I shouted as I tried to get up only to be knocked to the floor again and after a few seconds they calmed down and were ready to go on their morning walk with my best friend Professor Trayaruys who was living in our mansion together, just so we could get our work done together and still have time to have fun. He walked in our small movie theater room and said, “we need to get going to work straight away after I walk your dogs and you help our cat Gary get a bath and have breakfast along with my morning news of course”.  I walked into the indoor garden through the main entrance and into the kitchen. “What you want for breakfast?” I asked Trayaruys. “Umm…Why not bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes with butter and syrup?” he said “sure” I replied just thinking of how delicious I could make it while he’s out walking the dogs. “Hey before I go- “he began “should we go over to Bobs house today and see how him and Michelle are doing together?”. “I guess we could?” “Great!” he said quickly and walked out the doors and into my room to get Lucy and the leashes. Just then a sudden “Boom!” intercepted and I ran outside to see what had happened. Mod forest was burning to ashes. I yelled for Trayaruys, but he was so stealthy I just noticed he was gone and I ran into burning daylight to see there were British planes bombing us from everywhere in the forest and left into the sky as quickly as they had come out of it. “Trayaruys!” I yelled in a small voice worried that him and the dogs were not alright. Just then I remembered Gary seeing if he had been startled by the noise. Thankfully he was on the ground feeling worried. I’m pretty sure everyone was in the city. My heart just about stopped when I saw who was running at me. “Trayaruys!” I yelled in disbelief as he was coughing running towards me with the dogs right behind him and Gary was happy to see him to. “Why was there British Bombers!?” I yelled. Of course, he knew because right after I asked him he said it was on the news and that they were hijacked by something called the “source” or as inventors and scientists call them “Command Blocks”. “It’s our job to find out what they do” I thought to myself but first we need to head to the hospital for people who might’ve been injured in the bombing.

To be continued… 

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