Easy Fun with Food Coloring

So, I have recently gotten into watching people on YouTube. I mean, I have always used it when I needed to look up how to help my son with his math homework (which is more often than I would like to admit….) or for music, etc.  However, I recently started following Colleen Ballinger (AKA Miranda from Haters Back Off) and LOVED her videos making tie dye cake! I couldn’t find the specific tie dye mix kit she used, so we decided to buy Betty Crocker white cake mix  and make the colors ourselves.  We started by following the directions on the box to make the cake batter. Then we divided the batter into 5 bowls and added different food coloring gel to each one. The set of food coloring gel we had did not have orange or purple so we had to make our own. It brought back memories having to learn about a color wheel. 🙂

To make the purple we mixed red with blue food coloring. (If you want it to be a lighter shade, just add more red. If you want it darker, just add more blue).

To make the orange we mixed yellow and red. (If you want it to be a lighter shade, just add more yellow. If you want it darker, just add more red).

Check out our video below to see how we put it all together!

We didn’t have a round baking pan so we went with the rectangle we did have and it still didn’t turn out bad! As a matter of fact, it was SO tasty! 🙂

I was so excited about how the cake turned out, the next morning I decided to get up early to make pancakes. I remember growing up my Grandma Knight would always tell me how she used to make colored pancakes for my dad so she would make them for me when I was at her house. I thought it would be cool for my son to have a memory like that but got a little carried away and decided I was going to try to make them look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I started by following the instructions on the pancake mix box, and the split it into 3 small bowls, and 1 large bowl. I added green food coloring to the larger bowl, and added blue, red, and orange to the smaller bowls.

It honestly didn’t start out half bad…..

However, I did’t think it through very well when it came time to flip them… so this is how they turned out…

So, maybe they weren’t exactly what I had envisioned but they still turned out tasty and my son was still excited when he saw them – so I would say it was successful! 🙂

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