Halloween Games for the Office!

I know it can be tough for people to stay motivated coming into work around the holidays. There is so much excitement.. yet, the job still must get done. When you can add in a little element of fun, it can make a huge difference! If you’re looking for some fun (and pretty simple) Halloween games for your staff, you’ve come to the right place! 🙂  I am unable to take all of my staff off the phones at one time so I have to get creative when I want to incorporate a little fun into the day. Some of the games we did didn’t require them to be off the phones at all, and other games we split into groups or partners. The best part was none of these games required more than 5 min per group to be taken away from their normal tasks, and no more than 30 min for an entire game while rotating the groups.

Seek & Find

I actually found the image of the pumpkin patch on one of my friend’s LuLaRoe pages for a contest she was doing. I thought it was so cute I decided to use it for a game with my office staff.

Lost Poker Chip  

Build A Skeleton

Skeleton Contest

I had the two of the “Box o Bones” game boxes in one of our Halloween crates in the garage. We had planned to throw a Halloween party for my son & his friends last year but never got around to it. I thought this would be a good team building game and put it to use at work instead!  Ordered from Amazon 


They turned out great!

img_6974.jpg     img_6972

Scratch-off Cards

Scratch off gift cards.jpg

I had gotten a stack of 25 scratch off cards from Amazon.




I had gotten a cheap Bingo set from Oriental Trading last year (but they have them at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Party City, and Amazon too!)  and decided to play Bingo with my staff. I scanned the pieces to my self and just emailed images to my staff throughout the day as I pulled the pieces out of the jar. This forced them to monitor their email more often and they got to have a fun – it was a win-win! 😉


Escape Room 

Escape room ad

I thought it would be cool to have an escape room type of game but struggled to find a way to do it without pulling everyone off the phones. I was about to give up when I found several people on www.teacherspayteachers.com have pre-made kits for $5 or less! The one I ended up going with is here! I made some changes to it to make it fit a little better for what I was trying to accomplish but it worked GREAT! In the image above I covered the portion of my image that had the storyline as most of it was written by the person I bought the original kit from. 🙂 I changed some of the codes so that I could have two sets (and make it harder for them to cheat ;)). After they solved a puzzle they would click on the PDF file I emailed them and have to enter the correct code to open it. Once they opened it they had to write down the number they found inside of the file and then move onto the next puzzle. Once they were done with all 4 puzzles they would have to add up the numbers they had been writing down from each clue and the first person to give me the correct number, won!



Building with Pumpkin Gummies/ Marshmallows

Toothpicks and gummy pumpkins.jpg

This one turned out pretty fun. It’s totally meant for kids but us adults like to have fun too! 😉 I struggled to find enough of the gummy pumpkins (the hard ones like candy corn do not work well) so I ended up going with pumpkin marshmallows instead (found at Target).

Mug Shot Contest

I ran across these mugshot signs on Amazon and thought they were too fun to pass up!


We had a contest to see which CSR could come up with the funniest/ most creative crime related to our industry or customer service.

CSR cimes.jpg

It was hilarious to see! You can check out some of the ideas here!

Ping-Pong Eyeballs & Straws

We used eyeball ping pongs (that originally came in a relay race set) & straws to see which CSR could get all four balls into a basket the fastest! The winner was 6.2 seconds!

Eyeball races

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Employees spent their weekend carving pumpkins and brought in their wicked creations. We had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

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I had never organized a potluck before so this was my first experience! It actually turned out pretty great and I used a sign up form I found here. You can check out some of the photos of our haunted feast below!


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