10 thoughts I had while helping my son with his school project on 70s fashion

Cameron had to complete a poster board about fashion in the 70s. While I was helping him, these were some of the thoughts I had. Has anyone else felt this way?

1. Does anyone else help their kids with their homework? They say you shouldn’t help.. but how else is this ever going to get done?!

2. Why did he wait until the last minute? Why can’t I be one of those moms who just says “it’s your project, if you fail that’s your problem!”

3. Man, I am going to miss being needed. I don’t want him to grow up. Time please slow down. Be still my heart.

4. Look how excited he is about this project now that I’m sitting next to him. Let’s do this!

5. “No Cameron, those aren’t women. Those are men.” “No way mom, look at their long hair!” “Yes buddy, that was the style in the 70s and still is for some people today” 😂

6. Laughing at Cameron’s shock that the platform boots he found online were actually intended for men in the 70s.

7. Having to pull back from the critic in me who wants to correct the way he writes his sentences & realize it’s his project and has to reflect his voice. “Bell bottom pants are skinny at the top and fat at the bottom”. 😂

8. Wow, so many styles from the 70s are coming back now! Groovy.

9. Seeing Cameron’s shock to see a picture of his Nana & Papa in 70s attire with Papa and his long hair – priceless!

10. These are some of the moments I live for. Seeing him so proud and trying so hard is one of the best feelings ever.

We ended up adding the photo of my Mom, Dad, Grandpa Knight, Aunt Jackie, and Uncle Tom to the poster. Although the photo was from the early 80s – we checked with them and they said they were the same outfits they wore in the late 70s. When Cameron took his masterpiece to school and told his teacher the photo of the people on the top of it were his family members she said “shut up! No way! That’s awesome Cameron!”. 🙂

When he got the graded rubric paper back he had gotten 100% and she had written on the bottom asking if she could keep it for an example for future classes. 🙂


Note: Before the parenting police get upset – no, I do not do his projects for him. However after he makes his first attempt, I sit with him and help make corrections / offer other ideas to try. I don’t see how this is very different from managing employees in business. If you disagree, more power to you! I’d love to hear your tips that allow your kids to get their homework done without your help! Some extra hours in the day wouldn’t be a bad thing 😉

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