Santa Claus is coming to town!


    It’s that time of year again! Christmas-time! My favorite time! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. I saw a meme a few weeks ago that said “my favorite color is Christmas lights“. I am pretty sure it was made with me in mind. I LOVE Christmas lights. They are just so much fun, and so pretty to look at. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and pulling up to the driveway to see all of your Christmas decorations outside. I love to turn up my favorite Christmas jams and drive around looking at lights – or better yet – walk around Winterhaven with some hot chocolate. Christmas movies? AWESOME. What’s better than a movie about love, family, a little bit of Christmas magic, and a happy ending? There’s the good ol classics I enjoyed as a kid, and some of the new ones are so fun too (like Arthur Christmas!). I enjoy all of those cheesy ABC family or Hallmark movies. Yup, I’m THAT girl. Thank goodness for my super patient husband and my son’s sweet ability to geek out with me.  I also love watching the movies that take place in Santa’s workshop. Man, I wish a place like that existed (and if it does – I need to go!).

    Oh Santa. Now there’s a name that can cause quiet the debate. My Facebook news feed has been flooded lately with articles about how teaching your child to believe in Santa is teaching them it is okay to lie, teaching them not to trust you, and causing long term physiological problems. Let met let you in on a little secret – my son believes in Santa and I don’t regret it ONE BIT! As a parent, you are given the choice for so many things. We have to choose what we feel is best for our kids everyday. I’ve been making big decisions for another life since the day those two pink lines showed up. Should I vaccinate? Circumcise? Breast feed or formula? In home sitter or a daycare? Is the cry it out method a valid option? Huggies? Pampers? Cloth diapers? Public school? Homeschool? Charter school? Private school? There are so many things parents have to think about and decide for another human being. Some of them truly are BIG decisions, but teaching my son to believe in Santa? It never dawned on me I was making a BIG decision, but seeing the out pour of anger from all of the parents who never told their kids about Santa – I have come to realize it actually is a big decision. I’m not saying you are wrong for not teaching your kid about Santa – but I am here to say – you are wrong for bashing those of us who have taught our kids. I’m not “lying” to my son. I am letting him have a little imagination with something that actually is a part of history  (St. Nicholas). When I was growing up, my parents allowed me to believe in Santa. AND IT WAS AWESOME! When I found out the truth, it didn’t emotionality destroy me or make me hate my parents for “telling me such a horrible lie”. My parents were selfless when it came to Christmas. When I was young both my parents worked their butts off to make Christmas magical for me AND they did it without taking credit for all the super sweet gifts they got me?! Just makes me love & appreciate them even more.

     One of the biggest things  I have always tried to instill in my son is the spirit of giving. He loves to give people presents, make people presents, or even wrap up his own stuff and give it as presents (hey, at least he’s got the right idea). He will share his tokens with kids he doesn’t even know, uses his money to buy other people things & he loves making gift bags for the children’s hospital every year.It makes me SO proud. What does Santa do? He gives. What’s also awesome about Santa? The fact he gives my son presents he loves & we aren’t taking credit. Kind of acts as a little reminder to stay humble. The point isn’t for my son to feel like “oh my gosh my mom loves me so much look at all these things she got me!”. The point is to be able to enjoy his excitement and the look on his face as he rips the wrapping paper off a gift he has been dying to have. He’s only young once. When he grows up – there won’t be anymore fantasy. Life will be so serious. Almost too serious. Then he will become an adult and have his own family, and his own kids, and make the decision whether or not he wants to teach his kids about Santa. I hope when he is making the choice for his kids, he thinks back to all of the Christmases he spent growing up. I hope he remembers the love we all shared, the anticipation, and most of all I hope when he thinks back to holidays as a child – he smiles.


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