A penny for your thoughts – Team building exercise

If you have never played the penny game, I highly recommend it! We have done it a few times over the years in our office and everyone has a blast! Basically, everyone gets a penny and then shares something special about the year on the penny they received. It can be personal or just some sort of event or news article they find online for that year. The first time we played, I didn’t give myself a penny. However, my staff wanted me to play and ended up giving me three pennies. I was given 2006, 2015, and 2019. Here’s what I shared –

2006 – I found out was I was pregnant with my son! 

2015 –  I got married! 

2019 – My son killed it at his first school talent show! (If you have 3 min, you can check out his video here 😊)

This is the flyer I used to send out the instructions 🙂 –

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