Acts of kindness – May 2020 edition

During May 2020 as the heaviness of the pandemic started to take a toll on our spirits, we decided to put together some random acts of kindness. ❤️

We made suncatchers to hang on a tree for others to take home.

If you are interested in making them you can find them on Amazon! These are the two we used – just click the image 🙂

We painted rocks and left them near common walking paths & sidewalks. You could collect your own or if you need – buy a box of rocks on Amazon. They even sell kits including paint to make it easy!
Jump ropes to leave at the park (dollar store ones work just fine!)

Who doesn’t love to play with bubbles?! 😉
We left toy dinosaurs in random spots throughout the park.
Along with DIY kites 💜
Of course chalk (a pandemic must have!)
Grocery store gift cards at the community mailboxes

Windmills with inspiring quotes (mostly Dr. Seuss). These were probably my favorite 💕

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