Cheers for Peers – Employee Recognition Program

I have found using the same rewards and programs lose their excitement over time. I’ll do certain things pretty regularly – emails, verbal praise, and handwritten cards. We use a lot of gift card type of rewards. We celebrate things like National Compliment Day, Customer Service Appreciation week, etc. But, this time, I wanted to do something different. I always get a kick out of those “adulting badges” you see people post online and I thought, there’s gotta be a way to incorporate badges in the office! I found several pins on Baudville & Positive Promotions and my idea slowly but surely came to life. The purpose was to encourage staff to cheer for each other (i.e. create a “peer to peer recognition program”). I wanted a way to be able to share this with everyone so I decided they would have fun slips to fill out, they would turn them into me to send out in our team group chat, then they could select a pin for their team member to present them with (along with their slip), and then we would also have it in our monthly newsletter. I think it turned out pretty fun!

I started out by getting each of them own corkboard their cubicles and started each of them with 5 pins.
If they had been here less than one year – I used the “Welcome to the team” pins. If they had been here 1 or more years, I found pins with their number of years of service to use.
I kept a large board in my office with all of the pins they could choose from.

I used Poster My Wall to create the flyer for the kickoff and purchased containers from Michaels to keep the slips inside for their desks.

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