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Have you ever felt like you were replaceable at work? As though the company didn’t value your hard work & wouldn’t bat an eye if you resigned today? The answer was probably yes. I believe it is important to set the culture for your office as a place people can look forward to coming to each day (after-all, they spend more of their waking hours with their coworkers than they do with their families). It’s not always practical for companies to supply constant merit increases or bonuses, but you can do smaller tokens of appreciation. I searched for a while to find ideas & was able to come up with some of my own. Pinterest is full of great ideas & I found ways to make some of the ideas I saw – come to life in my own way. Below are some of the things I have done for my staff – feel free to use the ideas for your employees!

Burt’s bees chapstick makes for a quick & easy (and useful!) little something for them to find waiting on their desks in the morning!


Bulk bags of snack size chips work great! Customize the saying on the bag to something relevant to an accomplishment your team as met & enjoy!

A few months back I was trying to help my team vocalize ideas for ways we could improve or make daily responsibilities/ processes easier. Sometimes it’s easier to get into the “this part of my job just stinks” rather than finding a solution to try to improve or simplify something. To get them brainstorming and throwing out ideas – I had given out these lightbulbs filled with skittles that said “bright ideas start here”. I found them on www.successories.com. They were somewhat pricy but I’m sure you could come up with another way to do it for less!

I found these little notebooks on www.baudville.com & just added a cute (and cheesy ;)) phrase.

Snack size Goldfish crackers

S’mores on the go!

I found these tubes on Amazon & filled them with M&Ms.

Pop rocks were a HIT! I’ve done it more than once because they went over so well! 🙂

Snack size animal crackers!


Fidget cubes from www.orientaltrading.com

Water bottles & single serve Crystal light packets!

Popcorn containers from the Dollar Tree (you can also find them on Amazon & Target’s Dollar spot sometimes has them), popcorn packets, & popcorn seasonings made for a great snack! You can find the popcorn seasonings at grocery stores or buy them in bulk for about $14 on Amazon.

Craft containers filled with different treats make for an excellent “tool kit for success”!



Scratcher tickets from http://www.orientaltrading.com, chocolate coins, 100 grand candy bars, & payday candy bars was fun to put together. I got the containers to put them in from the Target Dollar spot. 🙂

Laffy taffy & pixy stix!

I found some hand strengthening exercise putty on Amazon and added some stickers. These were a HUGE hit and super practical for employees who work with their hands all day – whether it’s typing or out in the field! You can find them here.

We were doing an internal customer retention contest and the product we were focusing on was green. We named the contest “Lean Green Money Makin Machine” so it was only fitting to have our motivation to be a Dollar sign, green, or both! We did spirit days where we wore green socks covered in Dollar signs, $ shades, & green slap bracelets. We also gave out green beach balls, green $ stress relievers, green candies (mints, sour skittles, etc.)

I also did little money bags with chocolate coins & Dollar mints from Party City.

At the end of our contest to celebrate our accomplishments we set up a coffee bar! Super fun!

For my new team members, I have fallen in love with these mugs filled with gummy bears from Baudville!

2017 Christmas presents consisted of items from Bath and Body Works that said “thank you” on them, $5 Starbucks gift card, team focused fidget spinner, candy canes, and Hershey kisses in a coffee mug.

For another one of our contests we had a focus of the company being able to attend a private showing of the new Jurassic movie so for one of our prizes throughout the process I did a movie night basket. It consisted of candy, the other 4 Jurassic movies, pizza gift card, popcorn with butter and seasonings.

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