how to turn yourself into a gif

When the pandemic started in March 2020 and the schools shut down, I found myself suddenly needing to work from home more often. I knew it was time to get creative finding unique ways to still connect with my team & keep things light-hearted as we all learned to navigate uncharted territories. I ran across a teacher vlog on YouTube that talked about how she created a gif of herself for her presentation for her students. I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to try it. (My staff knows me well. Cheesiness is a given. Always ;))

Here’s how I turned myself into a gif –

  1. Make sure the “live” photo option is turned on on your camera (using an iPhone)
  2. While someone is taking your picture (or if you set a timer), make sure you keep moving. You want to make sure you are moving so there will be movement in your gif (get creative & have fun!)
  3. Once you have your live photo, go into your photos – tap on the live photo you want to use – click the send button (square with an arrow), scroll down, select “save as video”
  4. Go to the video you saved and send it to your computer (Google drive, email, whatever you normally use)
  5. Download it on your computer. Save it somewhere easy for you to remember.
  6. Go to and upload your clip. It will default to a transparent background. This is best if you have your own background you want to place it on top of but you can also use their ready-made background choices as well.
  7. Download the gif file.
  8. Wa-lah! You’re done! Now you can insert it in a presentation or share it wherever you’d like. Have fun!

This is an example of how I used my gif in an email. You can find backgrounds like this on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I used this one as part of a “Customer Service Superheroes” theme. If you need some ideas for your team – these sites have some great ideas here and here

Cameron helped celebrate their sales too 😉

My staff debated over whether or not I truly owned my props, or if they were part of my gif creations…. this was truly a microphone I had for my infamous “mic drop” which they thought was HILARIOUS.

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