Gratitude/ Family Updates November 2021

November 27, 2021

My heart is just so full. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and although there is some uncertainty still as I write this, I know we have so much to be grateful this year. I thought this would be a perfect time to count some of our blessings and also provide some family updates for those of you who I haven’t gotten back to (I’m sorry, I’m the worst about calling people back!).

We’ll start with my recent hospital stay. On Thursday, October 20th, around 11AM I started having discomfort in my stomach while I was at work. It was a bizarre feeling, and I honestly thought maybe my pants were just too tight (haha!) & didn’t think much of anything serious going on. By the time I was picking up Cameron from my parents house, it was becoming more difficult to walk and I was feeling some pretty bad pain. Still didn’t think anything serious was going on, and went home. Later that evening, my husband (Kris) became increasingly concerned and was convinced I needed to go to the hospital. I told him I would be just fine and just needed to go to bed. Well, I don’t think I was able to sleep longer than an hour at a time before I finally gave up at 3:30AM and woke Kris telling him I think I need to go to the hospital. At that point, it felt like a stabbing pain and I couldn’t touch my lower stomach without pain. No fever and no nausea though. I told him I could wait a few more hours for my parents to wake up so we could take Cameron over there but Kris insisted we leave right away, so we did. The whole way to the hospital, every speed bump hurt but I was torn between “Do I hope this is something serious so I don’t have to tell everyone I woke them up at 4 in the morning due to gas?” and “I hope this isn’t something serious, that would really stink”.

We got to the hospital at about 4AM ish and only one other person was in the emergency room waiting area. Thankfully, they were able to get me back within 10 min (amazing for an emergency room in general – but even more so during a pandemic!). I don’t really remember how much time passed until the doctor came to see me, but I don’t believe it took very long. He did some of his basic testing and told me he thought it was my appendix. I am sure my super sweet husband wanted to yell “TOLD YOU SO!” but he didn’t πŸ˜‰ They hooked me up to morphine and I waited to be taken back for a scan to confirm what was going on. Turned out, yes, I indeed had appendicitis but luckily, it had not ruptured. Bad news was, the OR was booked and there were no available hospital beds so they were estimating it may take 48 hours before I could have surgery and be moved to the main hospital floor.

Around 11AM, I had been given an antibiotic in my IV and immediately felt a burning sensation in my stomach, dripping sweat, my hands/feet started tingling, my face turned pale, my arms turned red, and everything went blurry. My machines started beeping like crazy and the nurse was sticking monitors on me and calling the doctor. A few min later the pharmacy tech came in to warn the nurse about giving me that antibiotic because of another known allergy I have. However, the nurse truly didn’t believe I had an allergic reaction and thought it could have been my appendix rupturing. Since I was already in the hospital though , and the OR was still booked, the doctor said protocol stays the same.

Around 2PM, they were able to move me to the main floor in a room by myself (I had been sharing a room with an elderly man in the emergency room). This was super surprising since we weren’t expecting to be moved until sometime the following day! Visitors were allowed until 6PM so my dad & son stopped by and then Kris left around the same time they did. Then I basically slept and watched Gilmore Girls until they came to get me at 930PM for surgery (again, much sooner than expected!). It all ended up just fine, and I was back in my room by 12:30AM. They told me my appendix had not ruptured which was great news because they said the recovery time would have been much longer if it had.

It basically felt like I had done 10,000 crunches so I was pretty sore, but the majority of my pain was actually in my shoulder from the gas they had put in me to do the surgery. I had no idea that could even happen but the shoulder pain was definitely worse than the pain from the actual surgery. I was down for the count for roughly 3 days before I was able to start moving more and actually helping around the house again. It was roughly a week before I felt close to normal again. Overall though, I am so thankful it wasn’t worse. Between the quick response time in the emergency room, getting a hospital bed as quickly as I did, getting my surgery done the same day I went in, my appendix NOT rupturing, and having a fairly quick recovery time – I have so much to be thankful for. Not to mention how incredibly sweet the majority of the team at the hospital were. I was fortunate to have several kind nurses, despite the long hours they are having to work, they were so kind and patient. The surgeon staying late to get my surgery done, and just honestly – so many people, were so great. <3 When I went for my follow up appointment with my surgeon roughly 10 days out, I was so impressed. She was truly the nicest doctor I have ever dealt with. She didn’t rush me, truly took the time to answer my questions, and didn’t make me feel like she needed to hurry up and get to the next patient. I hope none of you ever have to have emergency surgery, but if you do – I hope you are fortunate enough to have Dr. Karges. <3

Aside from the medical team, I was also super fortunate to have my husband, my son, and a whole village of family and friends who sent well messages, food, and treats when I got home! πŸ™‚

This past year at work has been a tough one for me. I won’t get into the details in this post, but I had started looking for a new opportunity prior to my unexpected surgery. (I plan to post a separate post about my 2022 word of the year – “balance” – that will explain in a bit more detail). Well, while I was recovering from my surgery, I ended up receiving an exciting job offer (two, actually!). This was crazy timing, but definitely not an opportunity I wanted to pass up. It was bitter sweet leaving Northwest Exterminating but I am excited to start my new job next week at Sargent Aerospace & Defense!

A few sweet photos from my last day an NWE –

To add to the craziness of my recovery, my husband’s job (Zillow Offers) announced they would be closing this division of Zillow and he would be losing his job in anywhere from 2-6 months (depending when they would be able to sell the remaining homes they already had under contract). Incase you are unaware, Zillow Offers was the division that buys and flips homes. This was initially shocking news, and devastating for my husband who LOVED his job and his team SO much. I have to say, although it stinks what is happening – Zillow is truly trying to do what they can for their employees with severance pay, etc. Within 24 hours, my husband had been contacted by multiple companies who had heard on the news about Zillow Offers closing, and wanting to offer him a job. What can I say, my husband is a badass πŸ˜‰ After weighing the pros and cons of looking into a job now, or waiting it out and taking the severance pay and then searching for a job whenever that time might come, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to see what’s out there. He accepted an interview with another company who had been trying to recruit him for several months. They were able to offer him an opportunity that was simply too good to pass up and now he will be joining American Homes for Rent on December 6th! It is bittersweet for him to be leaving the Zillow team, but thankfully a few of the folks from his current team are coming with to AH4R πŸ™‚

Along with career changes, we had received some bloodwork results for Kris that weren’t necessarily cause for major concern, but have pushed us to start making changes in our diet. Well, to be honest, Kris has already done an incredible job making adjustments in his eating habits… where as I .. well let’s just say I still have a lot of work to do πŸ˜‰ I also received some test results for something unrelated that required some further testing. I am still waiting on the results for the second test and putting everything in God’s hands to take care of. <3 (Side note – while I was sitting in the waiting room at the dr. office I was wearing a shirt that said “Faith over fear” and another woman was wearing a shirt that said “Fuck around and find out”. This made me laugh. I guess our clothing does say a lot about us.. or at least, how we are feeling that day anyway πŸ˜‰ )

Cameron has been dealing with some of the hard stuff we all went through as teenagers but overall, he is doing well. He is healthy, happy, hilarious, and smart as heck! πŸ™‚

Lucy still has her huge personality (Kris says she’s just like her mama, not sure if that is a compliment or an insult πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡…) and loves to play. We are excited to celebrate her 5th birthday in a couple of days (stay tuned for pictures!).

In addition to my husband being my rock through everything these past few weeks (well, decade really), he also has helped me completely declutter, organize, and re-decorate my home office. This was a serious pain-point for me as it was starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. A couple weekends ago, he drove two hours each way to pick up something from Ikea, and then spent his evenings putting it together. He wanted to have it done in time for me to be able to work on organizing everything during my week off between jobs. Then, this past weekend he got up early and realized it was a community yard sale day and decided to take advantage and started selling things we have been meaning to get rid of (but had just been stacking in the garage) while I slept in. He is seriously a gem. ❀️ (oh, and yes – photos coming soon of the β€œnew” office!)

Three days before my surgery, I had actually started working on a blog post I never finished.. I am going to go ahead and put it here as it seems fitting with the theme of gratitude-

“I have started to notice how strong these phases are. These phases where I suddenly feel full of energy, happy to do things I normally dread (the laundry.. the dishes.. cleaning the toilets, you know, the really fun stuff). What I haven’t figured out is… what triggers these phases? What ends them? How do I get them to last?

So, it made me start thinking about the last few weeks. What have I been up to that might be “out of the norm” that could be contributing to my happy-go-lucky attitude? What things have brought me joy? Well, let’s see…

  1. Kris & I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary (can you believe February will mark a DECADE we have been together?!) with the purchase of an inflatable hot tub! (Oh, and it is AWESOME!!!)
  2. I completed all of my month end reports (for work) on October 4th. I had all of my month end reports done on the second business day. It’s been a long time since that has happened.
  3. I had fun putting together a “Way to go killin it in nursing school” / “Happy Birthday!” gift basket for one of my close friends, Jenni.
  4. Celebrated Customer Service Week with daily treats (post coming for this…), rolled out our Pac-Man “achomplishing goals” contest, & celebrated crushing our Q3 Sales goals with El Molintos being catered.
  5. Received a super sweet email from an employee. ❀️
  6. Had a “Candy Awards” contest in the office. Super cute, so fun to see their votes.
  7. I had a meeting with our Director of Call Center Operations (at our corporate level) & he had some really motivating feedback, and helpful advice on learning to manage remote employees. It was exciting to hear about all the things I’m doing “right” & learning how to transfer it from an in-person environment to a virtual platform.
  8. Kris took care of calling the AC guy, getting lumber picked up for vigas the HOA sent us a letter about, & working on a refund from a medical bill I accidentally overpaid. πŸ’™
  9. Cameron’s school handled a situation with another student picking up Cameron and throwing him on the ground (for literally no reason at all)- very very well. I am truly impressed with how well the Vice Principal handled the situation.
  10. I started working with Forrest on data mapping. It’s nice to know the project has value and will make a difference. πŸ€“
  11. Cameron went to Homecoming (which was even more exciting since he missed the first dance of the year because we were quarantined with COVID)
  12. I received a job offer. (Didn’t end up accepting this one)
  13. I organized the medicine cabinet.
  14. I organized the bathroom cabinets.
  15. I stayed on top of the laundry (as I’m actually getting it put away quickly too!)
  16. Went to dinner with Chaz and Danielle for Chaz’ birthday. We went to Tavolinos & Frost. Super yummy & fun!
  17. Downloaded a new desktop organizer and setup my favorites on Chrome, icons on taskbar, and notes in Google Keep.
  18. Took Lucy on a few walks.
  19. Went with Cameron & Kris to see Free Guy. Loved it so much we bought it on Vudu and have watched it two additional times already,
  20. Went with Cameron & Kris to eat at Blancos, where Cameron told me he has a girlfriend.
  21. Went with Cameron & Kris to see Shang Shi & then played games at Dave & Busters.
  22. Setup our new budget spreadsheet, expense tracker, & crunched numbers for our monthly finances.
  23. Played a new Harry Potter board game with Kris and Cameron.
  24. Put together 10 days countdown to Halloween for the little kiddos in our lives.
  25. Went to lunch & Hobby Lobby with Marie.
  26. Saw the “new Libby Lu” at the mall. Trip-down memory lane. <3 (That’s actually not the name at all but it reminds me so much of my old job & I absolutely loved it!)
  27. Finished last season of Shameless and started a new show – Big Little Lies.
  28. Kris decorated for Halloween outside.
  29. Cameron & Papa welded pumpkins.
  30. Had lunch with mom on a weekday!
  31. Worked on my conditional formatting skills for James’ QA spreadsheet.
  32. Got a new notebook/planner from Plum Paper.
  33. Nana’s Kitchen tamales. So good. “

Last but certainly not least, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family. We started our day at my mother-in-law’s and spent time with two of our beautiful nieces ❀️🍁

We spent the second half of our day with my parents cooking food and hanging out. β€οΈπŸ¦ƒ After dinner, we were surprised with my cousins from Colorado stopping by along with my Aunt & Uncle. It was truly a great day! ☺️ I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & I can’t wait to see those Christmas decoration posts start flooding my feed this weekend! πŸ˜πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌ

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