About Me

Lets Rewind

When I was young I loved playing around on the computer trying to teach myself HTML (one of the sites I used often was lissa explains). I would make websites when “expage” and “gurlpagez” were popular. I also made “zines” – which at the time were more of a mass email with tips on how to make your own website, highlighting popular bands and movies, reviews on products (i.e. make up) and advertising for other girls who ran their own zines. I would spend hours designing layouts. I guess you could say I have always had an interest in “networking” and writing something someone else might be interested in. I enjoyed designing my own versions of popular board games, writing scripts for plays for my friends and I to act out, and trying to create/ organize (pretend) clubs.  As I got older, I got away from those things but continued to utilize online journal sites, and kept my own hand-written journals.

      Fourteen years ago, I gave birth to my amazing son and just over nine years ago I met the man I am blessed to call my husband. I have spent most of my adult life focused on raising my son and succeeding in my career. I have always loved taking photographs and the obsession with this has only grown throughout my journey in motherhood and as a wife. I love to plan children’s parties and as stressful as wedding planning is – I thoroughly enjoyed planning ours. Not only do I love details but I love planning them. I love doing crafts, making gifts, and finding activities to show and do with my son. I like to read self-help books. When I was a teen I would secretly read “Totally Me!” when my friends weren’t around. 😉  My favorite as an adult has been “Language of Letting go“, and most recently I have started reading “You are a badass“. I have always seen the best in the worst people and always wanted to “change the world”. It has been my greatest quality and biggest flaw. As I have gotten older; I have realized how difficult it is to believe in people when they give you no reason to but it has not stopped my desire to always want to try to help people.

      In the last few years I have found the perfect ‘hobby’ for myself. I found a “happy planner” which was the perfect combination of scrap booking and planning. Both things I find incredibly soothing. Since then, I have moved on to the Erin Condren binder planner but if you didn’t already know it’s basically the same thing. While I was getting into these new planners and trying to find something I could do with “me time” – I thought about starting a blog. Just a place to get my thoughts out. One thing led to another, and I decided I would go ahead and try out a public site. So, here we are.  🙂