Lucy – our beagle’s, 5th Birthday!

I don’t know about you, but we consider our pup a member of our family. With that being said, she is spoiled rotten.. and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She enjoyed celebrating her 5th birthday (and I may have enjoyed celebrating it even more.. ;)) Check it out – Where we purchased herContinue reading “Lucy – our beagle’s, 5th Birthday!”

Give Back Box – a super easy to donate to those in need

So, it’s no secret – there is a running joke with most people who know me- about how often I ordered from Amazon. My husband and I basically tag each other in any of those memes about the boxes outside and the husband finding them, haha. I use Amazon for everything. Household items, snacks, clothes,Continue reading “Give Back Box – a super easy to donate to those in need”

Disney Inspired Snowflakes using your Silhouette

If you’ve known me for awhile, you’ve probably seen our Jack Skellington corner of our home around Christmas time. I had cut out snowflakes with the shape of spiders inside of them years ago and have (very carefully) packaged each year to reuse them. You can find the free version to cut out your ownContinue reading “Disney Inspired Snowflakes using your Silhouette”

DIY Family Christmas Photos for under $75!

Over the weekend we decided to take our family Christmas photos at home. We posted them on Facebook and we received several comments and questions asking where we were. People seemed surprised to hear we took the photos in our house by ourselves so I thought I’d share how we did it! Basically, we usedContinue reading “DIY Family Christmas Photos for under $75!”

December Daily 2021

Check back daily for updates 😊🎄❤️💚 Read more about “December Daily” here Check out Spoonful of Comfort here! Check out Colorstreet nail stickers here! Kris had a song made for me for Christmas. Best gift ever! Check it out here 🙂 You can get your own Lampoons Christmas card game here – so fun! 🙂Continue reading “December Daily 2021”

Gratitude/ Family Updates November 2021

November 27, 2021 My heart is just so full. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and although there is some uncertainty still as I write this, I know we have so much to be grateful this year. I thought this would be a perfect time to count some of our blessingsContinue reading “Gratitude/ Family Updates November 2021”

Starring in a Recruiting Commercial

I think it comes as no shock to any business in 2021 – just how challenging it can be to find quality team members. The last 1.5 years have made it increasingly more challenging to be able to find employees and retain them. I am well aware of how controversial this topic can be soContinue reading “Starring in a Recruiting Commercial”

15 Tips for using Google Calendar

I have always been a huge fan of planning. As a young girl, I was always planning things. From things like creating new clubs (which were basically just groups my friends and I made up with meetings, projects, and rules.. we were real party animals in the 4th grade 😉 ), to writing scripts completeContinue reading “15 Tips for using Google Calendar”

I passed my aPHR exam!

July 24, 2021 When I first posted I had signed up to take classes for my APHR, I received questions from a couple of people who had been interested in obtaining the same certification. Well, I have officially passed my exam and received my certification! 🙂 So, I thought I would take some time toContinue reading “I passed my aPHR exam!”

Cheers for Peers – Employee Recognition Program

I have found using the same rewards and programs lose their excitement over time. I’ll do certain things pretty regularly – emails, verbal praise, and handwritten cards. We use a lot of gift card type of rewards. We celebrate things like National Compliment Day, Customer Service Appreciation week, etc. But, this time, I wanted toContinue reading “Cheers for Peers – Employee Recognition Program”

To the 18 year old girl I used to know

Dear 18 year old girl I used to know,      Honey, I know if you’re reading this your world probably feels a little upside down right now. It doesn’t seem like it at the moment, but IT WILL BE OKAY. I know because I’ve been there. I remember it so vividly. Every feeling, every emotion,Continue reading “To the 18 year old girl I used to know”

Employee Appreciation Ideas

Have you ever felt like you were replaceable at work? As though the company didn’t value your hard work & wouldn’t bat an eye if you resigned today? The answer was probably yes. I believe it is important to set the culture for your office as a place people can look forward to coming toContinue reading “Employee Appreciation Ideas”

Our $9,000 Wedding – How we did it & why we don’t regret it!

To Infinity & Beyond!         My husband and I got married October 3, 2015… & we spent six months leading up to the big day – DIYing our little hearts out. When you’re planning a wedding, you tend to get a lot of guilting comments about what people spend on weddings these days. “You could putContinue reading “Our $9,000 Wedding – How we did it & why we don’t regret it!”

8th Grade promotion/ Our first “podcast”

These pictures from Cameron’s kindergarten graduation showed up on my FB memories last week <3 Now.. here we are celebrating his 8th grade promotion! Oh my goodness.. be still my heart! <3 I thought it would be fun to do this little “interview” with him before he starts high school and see how the answersContinue reading “8th Grade promotion/ Our first “podcast””

15 Employee Appreciation Ideas

I’m someone who firmly believes in the importance of making sure the people around you- in all aspects of life – know you appreciate them. I think it’s important to focus not only on weaknesses -but strengths too! Sometimes I like to leave a random note or gift for my staff to find in theContinue reading “15 Employee Appreciation Ideas”

Favorite Cleaning Tips & Products

As someone who works full time (and usually more-than-full-time), while also trying to balance being a mother, and wife – I struggle to have large blocks of time to focus on cleaning our home. I know there are plenty of others out there struggling with the same dilemma, so I thought it might be helpfulContinue reading “Favorite Cleaning Tips & Products”

DIY Scratcher Tickets

Have you ever wondered how you could make your own scratch off tickets? Well, I did and it turned out to be so easy & fun! I started out intrigued by this idea when we were wedding planning and I saw heart shaped scratch off stickers for sale on Etsy. They were SO cute &Continue reading “DIY Scratcher Tickets”

Norden academy – 7th grade remote learning

During the first school shutdown in 2020, Cameron was required to do two “family science projects” per week for the last quarter of the year. Home Science Tools was an excellent way for us to easily have ideas and supplies at our fingertips. They had quick delivery and the kits included everything we needed, thenContinue reading “Norden academy – 7th grade remote learning”

Acts of kindness – May 2020 edition

During May 2020 as the heaviness of the pandemic started to take a toll on our spirits, we decided to put together some random acts of kindness. ❤️ We made suncatchers to hang on a tree for others to take home. If you are interested in making them you can find them on Amazon! TheseContinue reading “Acts of kindness – May 2020 edition”

25 lessons for new managers

Being a leader is hard for everyone, no matter how successful they appear on the outside. You will learn just as much from the people who work for you as you have learned from the people you have worked for. Probably more, honestly. Create an environment where people can love their work and one another.Continue reading “25 lessons for new managers”

Miracle on 1st Ave

  In July 2013, Kris proposed! We were so happy, and so excited but then as life does, it took a turn we weren’t expecting. September 6, 2013 my then-fiancé – was involved in a motorcycle accident. He had actually just left my office and was headed home. He was at the intersection before our neighborhood making a left handContinue reading “Miracle on 1st Ave”

Marching to the beat of his own drum… literally!

Cameron recently decided he wanted to try taking drum lessons, and he has been LOVING IT! He seems to a be a natural, and it is my favorite part of every week to see him light up! Cameron didn’t know this when he chose his instrument but I could’t wait to show him pictures ofContinue reading “Marching to the beat of his own drum… literally!”

Running for office (6th grade edition)

Let me start off by saying, I HATE public speaking. I always have, and here I am – 30 years old – and I still hate it! I remember sitting in elementary school and our teachers would have us read aloud. I would literally start counting the sentences to figure out what part I wasContinue reading “Running for office (6th grade edition)”

My Everyday Make-up

Foundation – Liquid Foundation – Powder Foundation Brush (mine could use a bath 😉 .. haha) Eco tools – brushes & blender sponge Jaclyn Hill’s first pallet Milani eyeshadow (love this one for the brow area) MAC – Aladdin theme eyeshadow Urban Decay eyeshadow (I couldn’t find the link to the exact one I amContinue reading “My Everyday Make-up”

Blessing bags for those in need & treats for police officers

Making bags for those in need doesn’t have to be restricted to Christmas time. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a blessing bag, this is just a simple way to be a blessing to those you come across who might be in need (we mostly give them out to the homeless standing onContinue reading “Blessing bags for those in need & treats for police officers”

Custom Christmas Ornaments

If you are ever looking for a unique Christmas gift, I recommend custom Christmas ornaments. Personalization Mall and Personal Creations have many different options for fairly reasonable prices. However, I wanted to find someone who could make replicates of specific things and turned to Etsy. These are a couple of my favs – When IContinue reading “Custom Christmas Ornaments”

Making bags for the Children’s Hospital

When my husband, Kris, had to go to UMC – it was not only terrifying & heart-wrenching, it was an eye-opener. Not the eye-opener you are probably thinking though, it wasn’t one of those “oh my gosh just goes to show life’s too short” – because to be completely honest having Cameron when I wasContinue reading “Making bags for the Children’s Hospital”

Baby photo game – Team building exercise

This game is a lot of fun to play with your team and it’s SO simple! Everyone sends in their baby photo, you put them together – on a board on the wall, in an email, in an app, etc. – and everyone guesses who is who! We had a blast playing this game inContinue reading “Baby photo game – Team building exercise”

A penny for your thoughts – Team building exercise

If you have never played the penny game, I highly recommend it! We have done it a few times over the years in our office and everyone has a blast! Basically, everyone gets a penny and then shares something special about the year on the penny they received. It can be personal or just someContinue reading “A penny for your thoughts – Team building exercise”

Our first time using the “bunch o balloons” machine

May 4th, 2020 Sometimes I have the worst ideas. Most of the time it starts out as a really well intended idea but ends up mixed with a giant misinterpretation on my part of how something will work …. and my husband has to (so nicely) rain all over my parade 😂… Today? It wasContinue reading “Our first time using the “bunch o balloons” machine”

10 Things 2020 Taught Me

Something I do every year around New Years’ is sit down and reflect on what the last 12 months taught me. It is fair to say that 2020 was a year unlike any other. I love to think back on what I learned, who I became, and the lessons learned each year. And let meContinue reading “10 Things 2020 Taught Me”

F Minus in Motherhood

This one goes out to the moms who have been feeling like they’ve earned themselves an F- in motherhood lately. I see you. I get you. We’re in this together! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. I don’t really know why. I suppose, maybe a little case of “lack of inspiration”? I try so hardContinue reading “F Minus in Motherhood”

For the girls trying to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts

I have grown. Some may argue I’ve “changed”. But me? I call it growing. My bullsh*t tolerance has decreased significantly, and I have started to figure out my worth. I’ve learned so much over the last few years. I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad today seems, life really does go on,Continue reading “For the girls trying to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts”

Celebrating Small Victories (An Open Letter to My Son)

As I was watching Atypical, it came to a scene where the teenage boy was upset because of terrible things his peers wrote around his picture in his yearbook. He went to the only place he knew he would feel better, until his parents and sister found him. When his mom got there she toldContinue reading “Celebrating Small Victories (An Open Letter to My Son)”

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Yesterday I decided to take a drive to “Magee Lookout“. I have no idea if anyone else in Tucson actually calls it that, or if that was just something we called it when we were in high school.  I think some people called it “make out point” for awhile too. Anyways, it is basically aContinue reading “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Where is home?

When I was born we lived on a street called Positano, on the Northwest side of Tucson.  My parents were renting the home at the time. My mom has always told stories about her fears of me someday accidentally going down that steep driveway in my walker (but thankfully, it never really happened, haha). OtherContinue reading “Where is home?”