Acts of kindness – May 2020 edition

During May 2020 as the heaviness of the pandemic started to take a toll on our spirits, we decided to put together some random acts of kindness. ❤️ We made suncatchers to hang on a tree for others to take home. If you are interested in making them you can find them on Amazon! TheseContinue reading “Acts of kindness – May 2020 edition”

Blessing bags for those in need & treats for police officers

Making bags for those in need doesn’t have to be restricted to Christmas time. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a blessing bag, this is just a simple way to be a blessing to those you come across who might be in need (we mostly give them out to the homeless standing onContinue reading “Blessing bags for those in need & treats for police officers”

Making bags for the Children’s Hospital

When my husband, Kris, had to go to UMC – it was not only terrifying & heart-wrenching, it was an eye-opener. Not the eye-opener you are probably thinking though, it wasn’t one of those “oh my gosh just goes to show life’s too short” – because to be completely honest having Cameron when I wasContinue reading “Making bags for the Children’s Hospital”

Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people

Have you ever heard about the idea that when you dream of someone who has passed away, that it means they are visiting you? I’m not someone who dreams on a regular basis (or if I do, I forget about it as soon as I wake up). However, in the last few weeks it hasContinue reading “Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people”

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House

Kris and I love to help people but we tend to have a bad habit of trying to help the people in our lives who have zero desire to help themselves. Recently, we have been looking for ways we can contribute to our community and help people who truly need it. I was on FacebookContinue reading “Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House”