Starring in a Recruiting Commercial

I think it comes as no shock to any business in 2021 – just how challenging it can be to find quality team members. The last 1.5 years have made it increasingly more challenging to be able to find employees and retain them. I am well aware of how controversial this topic can be soContinue reading “Starring in a Recruiting Commercial”

I passed my aPHR exam!

July 24, 2021 When I first posted I had signed up to take classes for my APHR, I received questions from a couple of people who had been interested in obtaining the same certification. Well, I have officially passed my exam and received my certification! 🙂 So, I thought I would take some time toContinue reading “I passed my aPHR exam!”

Cheers for Peers – Employee Recognition Program

I have found using the same rewards and programs lose their excitement over time. I’ll do certain things pretty regularly – emails, verbal praise, and handwritten cards. We use a lot of gift card type of rewards. We celebrate things like National Compliment Day, Customer Service Appreciation week, etc. But, this time, I wanted toContinue reading “Cheers for Peers – Employee Recognition Program”

Employee Appreciation Ideas

Have you ever felt like you were replaceable at work? As though the company didn’t value your hard work & wouldn’t bat an eye if you resigned today? The answer was probably yes. I believe it is important to set the culture for your office as a place people can look forward to coming toContinue reading “Employee Appreciation Ideas”

15 Employee Appreciation Ideas

I’m someone who firmly believes in the importance of making sure the people around you- in all aspects of life – know you appreciate them. I think it’s important to focus not only on weaknesses -but strengths too! Sometimes I like to leave a random note or gift for my staff to find in theContinue reading “15 Employee Appreciation Ideas”

DIY Scratcher Tickets

Have you ever wondered how you could make your own scratch off tickets? Well, I did and it turned out to be so easy & fun! I started out intrigued by this idea when we were wedding planning and I saw heart shaped scratch off stickers for sale on Etsy. They were SO cute &Continue reading “DIY Scratcher Tickets”

25 lessons for new managers

Being a leader is hard for everyone, no matter how successful they appear on the outside. You will learn just as much from the people who work for you as you have learned from the people you have worked for. Probably more, honestly. Create an environment where people can love their work and one another.Continue reading “25 lessons for new managers”

Baby photo game – Team building exercise

This game is a lot of fun to play with your team and it’s SO simple! Everyone sends in their baby photo, you put them together – on a board on the wall, in an email, in an app, etc. – and everyone guesses who is who! We had a blast playing this game inContinue reading “Baby photo game – Team building exercise”

A penny for your thoughts – Team building exercise

If you have never played the penny game, I highly recommend it! We have done it a few times over the years in our office and everyone has a blast! Basically, everyone gets a penny and then shares something special about the year on the penny they received. It can be personal or just someContinue reading “A penny for your thoughts – Team building exercise”

Should I quit my job? Dealing with a toxic workplace, knowing your limits, your worth, & pursuing your dreams.

You spend countless hours writing, editing, and criticizing your own resume. Does it look okay? Is it too wordy? Is it long enough? Do people care about this? Should I mention that? Did I put enough? Did I put too much? Will anyone understand this? What’s another word for ____?  It can be exhausting puttingContinue reading “Should I quit my job? Dealing with a toxic workplace, knowing your limits, your worth, & pursuing your dreams.”

Halloween Games for the Office!

I know it can be tough for people to stay motivated coming into work around the holidays. There is so much excitement.. yet, the job still must get done. When you can add in a little element of fun, it can make a huge difference! If you’re looking for some fun (and pretty simple) HalloweenContinue reading “Halloween Games for the Office!”

I’m not mean, I just mean business!

  Do you think somehow, someway, everything you have always wanted is just going to magically happen? This isn’t Cinderella. There isn’t a fairy Godmother or singing mice on their way to make your life work out. Quit thinking you are owed something, you’re not. The truth is jerks, idiots, and even boring people canContinue reading “I’m not mean, I just mean business!”