Employee Appreciation Ideas

Have you ever felt like you were replaceable at work? As though the company didn’t value your hard work & wouldn’t bat an eye if you resigned today? The answer was probably yes. I believe it is important to set the culture for your office as a place people can look forward to coming toContinue reading “Employee Appreciation Ideas”

15 Employee Appreciation Ideas

I’m someone who firmly believes in the importance of making sure the people around you- in all aspects of life – know you appreciate them. I think it’s important to focus not only on weaknesses -but strengths too! Sometimes I like to leave a random note or gift for my staff to find in theContinue reading “15 Employee Appreciation Ideas”

DIY Scratcher Tickets

Have you ever wondered how you could make your own scratch off tickets? Well, I did and it turned out to be so easy & fun! I started out intrigued by this idea when we were wedding planning and I saw heart shaped scratch off stickers for sale on Etsy. They were SO cute &Continue reading “DIY Scratcher Tickets”