DIY Scratcher Tickets

Have you ever wondered how you could make your own scratch off tickets? Well, I did and it turned out to be so easy & fun! I started out intrigued by this idea when we were wedding planning and I saw heart shaped scratch off stickers for sale on Etsy. They were SO cute &Continue reading “DIY Scratcher Tickets”

Norden academy – 7th grade remote learning

During the first school shutdown in 2020, Cameron was required to do two “family science projects” per week for the last quarter of the year. Home Science Tools was an excellent way for us to easily have ideas and supplies at our fingertips. They had quick delivery and the kits included everything we needed, thenContinue reading “Norden academy – 7th grade remote learning”

Custom Christmas Ornaments

If you are ever looking for a unique Christmas gift, I recommend custom Christmas ornaments. Personalization Mall and Personal Creations have many different options for fairly reasonable prices. However, I wanted to find someone who could make replicates of specific things and turned to Etsy. These are a couple of my favs – When IContinue reading “Custom Christmas Ornaments”

Our first time using the “bunch o balloons” machine

May 4th, 2020 Sometimes I have the worst ideas. Most of the time it starts out as a really well intended idea but ends up mixed with a giant misinterpretation on my part of how something will work …. and my husband has to (so nicely) rain all over my parade 😂… Today? It wasContinue reading “Our first time using the “bunch o balloons” machine”

Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people

Have you ever heard about the idea that when you dream of someone who has passed away, that it means they are visiting you? I’m not someone who dreams on a regular basis (or if I do, I forget about it as soon as I wake up). However, in the last few weeks it hasContinue reading “Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people”

Easy Fun with Food Coloring

So, I have recently gotten into watching people on YouTube. I mean, I have always used it when I needed to look up how to help my son with his math homework (which is more often than I would like to admit….) or for music, etc.  However, I recently started following Colleen Ballinger (AKA MirandaContinue reading “Easy Fun with Food Coloring”

5th Grade Design a Board Game Project

If you are anything like myself & my husband – when your kid brings home a school project – you know you yourself also have a project to do. Between book reports, research papers, science fair projects, and whatever else comes in – there’s always a lot of work to do – and it takesContinue reading “5th Grade Design a Board Game Project”

Printing on Post It Notes

Do you remember the movie Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion?  Particularly, when they are on their way to the reunion after they realize they never figured out what kind of “business women” they were going to pretend to be & they decide to claim that they invented Post-It notes?  Hilarious! Haha. Anyways, I loveContinue reading “Printing on Post It Notes”