Gratitude/ Family Updates November 2021

November 27, 2021 My heart is just so full. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and although there is some uncertainty still as I write this, I know we have so much to be grateful this year. I thought this would be a perfect time to count some of our blessingsContinue reading “Gratitude/ Family Updates November 2021”

I passed my aPHR exam!

July 24, 2021 When I first posted I had signed up to take classes for my APHR, I received questions from a couple of people who had been interested in obtaining the same certification. Well, I have officially passed my exam and received my certification! 🙂 So, I thought I would take some time toContinue reading “I passed my aPHR exam!”

Our $9,000 Wedding – How we did it & why we don’t regret it!

To Infinity & Beyond!         My husband and I got married October 3, 2015… & we spent six months leading up to the big day – DIYing our little hearts out. When you’re planning a wedding, you tend to get a lot of guilting comments about what people spend on weddings these days. “You could putContinue reading “Our $9,000 Wedding – How we did it & why we don’t regret it!”

Miracle on 1st Ave

  In July 2013, Kris proposed! We were so happy, and so excited but then as life does, it took a turn we weren’t expecting. September 6, 2013 my then-fiancé – was involved in a motorcycle accident. He had actually just left my office and was headed home. He was at the intersection before our neighborhood making a left handContinue reading “Miracle on 1st Ave”

10 Things 2020 Taught Me

Something I do every year around New Years’ is sit down and reflect on what the last 12 months taught me. It is fair to say that 2020 was a year unlike any other. I love to think back on what I learned, who I became, and the lessons learned each year. And let meContinue reading “10 Things 2020 Taught Me”

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Yesterday I decided to take a drive to “Magee Lookout“. I have no idea if anyone else in Tucson actually calls it that, or if that was just something we called it when we were in high school.  I think some people called it “make out point” for awhile too. Anyways, it is basically aContinue reading “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

Where is home?

When I was born we lived on a street called Positano, on the Northwest side of Tucson.  My parents were renting the home at the time. My mom has always told stories about her fears of me someday accidentally going down that steep driveway in my walker (but thankfully, it never really happened, haha). OtherContinue reading “Where is home?”

Breaking up with self doubt

Self doubt. We all have it, right? We start having it when we are children but it is probably one of the harder things to “grow out of”. The fear we can’t do something, or we won’t be good at it, or simply just won’t be good enough. Let’s think about that for a minuteContinue reading “Breaking up with self doubt”

Atelophobia. The fear of imperfection.

It sucks, doesn’t it? Feeling like you’re not good enough. I’ve been there.  Hell, I am there! Sometimes, it’s so hard to believe in yourself and stop letting fear get in the way. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel so you end up becoming your own obstacle. However,Continue reading “Atelophobia. The fear of imperfection.”

Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people

Have you ever heard about the idea that when you dream of someone who has passed away, that it means they are visiting you? I’m not someone who dreams on a regular basis (or if I do, I forget about it as soon as I wake up). However, in the last few weeks it hasContinue reading “Making quilts for kids & believing in the good in people”

Tribute To A Beautiful Woman

Roughly six months ago my Grandmother was moved into a nursing home. Grandma Knight no longer knew who most of us were by name or even how we were related, but did seem to understand she does know us somehow.  Sidenote: When I was 17 years old my Great-Grandmother Roberts had Alzheimer’s and was also in a nursingContinue reading “Tribute To A Beautiful Woman”

The story behind my blog name

I thought about what I was going to name my blog for a long time. By long time, I mean a well over a year.  I just couldn’t seem to come up with anything I could commit to and love for any length of time. (This is the same reason I haven’t gotten my firstContinue reading “The story behind my blog name”

If money had no meaning…

Kids feel such genuine joy over the little things in life like blowing bubbles, playing with a stick for hours on end, or making mud pies. As I get older, the harder it seems to be to find such joy for the little things. Kids are truly inspiring.  My son inspires me everyday to striveContinue reading “If money had no meaning…”

10 thoughts I had while helping my son with his school project on 70s fashion

Cameron had to complete a poster board about fashion in the 70s. While I was helping him, these were some of the thoughts I had. Has anyone else felt this way? 1. Does anyone else help their kids with their homework? They say you shouldn’t help.. but how else is this ever going to getContinue reading “10 thoughts I had while helping my son with his school project on 70s fashion”

2017, out with the negative- in with the positive!

          Well it is almost 2017! As clique as it sounds –this year flew by! All of the memes are flooding the internet now about how 2016 was such a terrible year or about how 2017 is going to be “your year!” My favorite so far was the one that made the joke that wasContinue reading “2017, out with the negative- in with the positive!”

Shooting up to avoid getting high

You are probably thinking “why the hell is this crazy lady talking about doing drugs?!”. Well, rest assured – I’m not. Not the drugs you are thinking of anyway. I am talking about something near and dear to my heart – type one diabetes. Now you are probably thinking “Oh that has nothing to doContinue reading “Shooting up to avoid getting high”