15 Tips for using Google Calendar

I have always been a huge fan of planning. As a young girl, I was always planning things. From things like creating new clubs (which were basically just groups my friends and I made up with meetings, projects, and rules.. we were real party animals in the 4th grade 😉 ), to writing scripts completeContinue reading “15 Tips for using Google Calendar”

Photos, Memories, & Office supplies

When I was young, I recall the first big art set my Grandpa bought me. It had everything I could dream of all in one briefcase style box. I was in arts and crafts heaven. I also was pretty obsessed with stickers and was thrilled when my older cousin gave me her sticker book. IContinue reading “Photos, Memories, & Office supplies”

Printing on Post It Notes

Do you remember the movie Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion?  Particularly, when they are on their way to the reunion after they realize they never figured out what kind of “business women” they were going to pretend to be & they decide to claim that they invented Post-It notes?  Hilarious! Haha. Anyways, I loveContinue reading “Printing on Post It Notes”

Organized Chaos

I write down everything: to-do lists, grocery lists, home maint lists, due dates for bills, appointments, friends and family events/get togethers etc. I used to joke that if it doesn’t get written down, it won’t happen. It’s much less of a joke now, and more so the complete truth. I love getting everything in order.Continue reading “Organized Chaos”